Monday, July 15, 2013

Review of Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad and News about the release

With the release of Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad, the first Punjabi movie from PTC Motion Pictures I have realised that nothing can be more enjoyable than executing a successful on-line campaign.

Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad is a path-breaking movie in the Punjabi Film industry. This movie has raised the bar of expectation among the audiences mind and now the makers of Punjabi cinema will have to get away from the routine and put some thought when they start new projects.

The movie is getting high ratings on well known movie sites like IMDB and BookMyShow and by what we read from various reviews on sites like CitinewsPunjabi GroovesPunjabi Gold  and many others the Movie, it seems, has connected with the audience well. 

I went to see the movie First Day First Show and after the slight glitch of the movie starting a bit late, got completely entertained. I am not a Punjabi movie goer but I have been a big follower of Hollywood and Bollywood. Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad is an attempt to make a Regional film that can be liked even by a person like me, and PTC Motion Pictures have succeeded in doing so.

The songs are good. the plot is interesting the actors have done their job well to the extent that the Support cast itself have been able to entertain in various parts of the movie. The trailer of the movie is nearing 2 Million views and someone on Youtube has correctly commented "Finally the audience will get to enjoy and explore some new amazing talent, Thank god there is no Gippy, no Neeru!!!  The Punjabi film fraternity needs to diversify and show-case variety. I'm actually excited about this new release and I am loving the publicity tactics this team is showcasing, Goodluck :)"

Another major plus with this movie is as mentioned by one Punjabi Movie blogger Rohit, who says "Another biggest positive factor and asset is that the movie has no crude dialogues, no double meaning punches and not even a tinge of vulgarity, which brings it in the category of those rare movies which you can go and enjoy with your complete family."

There are also, as it happens with things that become successful, negative comments and reviews, but if seen closely they look planted due to the use of unofficial imagery and context.
All the stakeholders of Punjabi cinema have got a good reason of supporting and raising the bar with this attempt from PTC however some might be seeing this success as a threat, hence the reactions.

Ever since I started on this full time mission of helping Brands and Companies with Internet Marketing and Social Media success I have been left with little time to work on this blog but this looks like a breath of fresh air...Thanks Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New FB Pages for Brands: 4 things you must know.

The New FB pages for Brands has been talked about for some time now and most administrators like us have been eagerly awaiting the same. FB fan page is a critical part of any Brands' internet presence these days and for Admins like us ( manages 7 Fb Fan pages) its extremely important to know every bit of it.
Here are a few things that every Admin must know:
1. Now you can Add a Cover picture (Photo on the page). The size for this Cover photo has to be at least 399 pixels wide.
Apart from the other things that FB mentions in its Help section, Covers must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and must not infringe on third parties' intellectual property. You may not encourage or incentivize people to upload your cover image to their personal timeline.
2. Its also time to change the Profile Picture. A lot of Brands have been using Tall photos. Now the profile photo may be used to show the your logo or another image that represents your Page. Choose an image that's square and at least 180 pixels wide. 
3. The TABS are now back again on TOP of the page. However Photos take the first position and can't be replaced. You can add 12 tabs and all can be edited for view. However Changing the positions of the Tabs is slightly tricky now. Here are the steps for the Swap:
  1. You need to Mouse over on the tab. 
  2. You will see a Edit pen icon. 
  3. Clicking on this will show you a 'Swap With' option with a mention of the other tabs you want this to Swap position with. 
4. You can use Bigger Images for TABS. If you want to change the tab Image you need to;
  1. Make all the Tabs visible.
  2. Click on the Edit Pen icon
  3. Clicking on Edit Settings will open a Pop up.
  4. Here you can change the name and Image for the Tab.
Will come up with more tips for Admins soon. Keep Rocking..

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I am Back ....with ‘Love’!

Valentine's Day, is a time of not just love but some of the cleverest, most heartfelt e-marketing campaigns. Even if your e-commerce business isn't in the business of selling chocolate or jewellery or flowers, if you aren't capitalizing on Valentine's Day, you could find your heart broken and your site abandoned.

While Surfing for some of the Top most E-Commerce sites for shopping for Valentine gifts, we come across sites like;,,,, and The most amazing thing about Valentine’s Day is that it brings out the most beautiful artwork from the marketing teams desks.

While the has introduced the “Love Express” Valentine’s Day special discount shopping on their website, the brands that they offer varies from ‘Allen Solly’ to ‘Louise Philippe’, to ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ in the Garments, and Ed Hardy, Ferre Milano, D&G, Calvino, Art Mania...and the list goes on of the Branded products that go from Hand Bags to watches, from Ties to Hookahs...You name it and they got it. is next on our list for Valentine shopping; the portal offers brands like Mishka, Vintage and N-GAL. The products available for Valentine gifting are Tops, Tunics, Dresses, Hand Bags, Sunglasses, Jewellery, short almost every product available on the site is well suited for Valentine Gifting. The best thing about is that it offers unique products due to its in-house range of ‘Mishka’ Apparel. offer heavy discounts for sales as well as services, and the special attraction for Valentine’s day shoppers is the “Valentine’s Shop” which is a particularly economic place for you to buy best quality branded gifts, like Perfumes, watches, handbags, jewellery, spa treatment, Toys, chocolates, Garments and the list goes on.

The next E-commerce portal in our radar is the, now the valentine gifting products that the site offers vary from Stuffed Toys to Jewellery and Hand Bags, Lingerie, Shades, Men & Women Wears and Accessories. And the brands that the site offers are from Armani, to Tommy Hilfiger, Nine West, Play boy, Paris Hilton, Ferre Milano etc.

The Valentine’s Day exclusive Shopping at, opens up to two optional tabs, namely “Gifts for her” and “Gifts for Him”. The brands that the portal offers are Addidas, United Colors of Beneton, Aiva, Blanka, Calvin & Klien, Chhabra 555, Nakshtra, Philips, Acer, Action, Archies, Allen Cooper, Arrow and the list doesn’t stop at this. The products offered for Valentine gifting is with or without Discounts varying from Brand to Brand., is yet another site for valentine shopping, online. The Valentine shop section of the site offers Amazing discounts and offers on jewelleries, cosmetic products for Men as well as women, Apparels for Men and Women, footwear, Bags, sunglasses, Accessories etc. The Brands that the Site offers are Adidas, Adolfo,  Ambi Pur  , Antonio Banderas,  Aramis, BRITNEY SPEARS,  Benetton,  Beverly Hills, Polo Club  Bogart ,  Burberry,  Bvlgari, CHRISTIAN DIOR, Calvin Klein , Carolina Herrera, D&G  D&Y,  DELUXE PERFUME   DKNY  Davidoff  Diesel  Dior  D&G    Elizabeth Arden  Elizabeth Taylor  Emporio Armani  Enliven  Escada  Evaflor  FCUK  Faconnable  Ferrari  GAP  GIANNI VENTURI  GILLETTE  GIORGIO ARMANI  ..And the list goes on.

For lovers it’s now easy to express and need to waste time roaming around to shop...rather spend that time holding ones sweethearts hands...another advantage of Internet and E-commerce scaling up in the country ;-)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

2 Sides of the Social Media Coin

For everyone who comes online anywhere in the world even for as less as 5 minutes a day would be aware of Social Media Marketing as a phenomenon. The buzz world today is Social Media Marketing. From Big brand like Ebay to aspiring start ups like Adgully all are today trying to engage users through Social platforms primarily Facebook. In fact what started as a complex combination, of optimizing efforts on a number of sites like stumble, Digg, Twitter etc, has become focused on optimizing efforts on one platform named Facebook.

Facebook has become the Web in itself. In fact Facebook is even better and people are trying various means to make the most of it. Working on a Facebook campaign is seemingly simple. You create a Fan page, get people to like the page, integrate the Facebook activity to your website and vise-verse, maybe also create some interesting App and there you go, you are a hit on Facebook. Simple? Not quite!

I have been watching (and writing too) a lot of brands trying to make an impact on Facebook with the Indian audience, and have noticed both sides of Social Media Marketing, the Real and the Fake, being practiced. Let us have a look at two examples:

An E-tailing company selling high end fashion garments and Grohe Shower. Both have websites to sell products. Both are into selling high end lifestyle products. Both have Facebook Fan page too. Both have good number of Fans on Facebook. But for someone who is following both these Fan pages, it is not difficult to spot the difference between the approaches and identify the 'Real' and the 'Fake'.

On one page you see products being shown as posts and people seemingly liking and commenting about goodness of the same, and on the other page you see people being encouraged to become volunteers to experience the product, first hand. On one page you can see post after post having exactly the same number of 'Comments' and 'Likes' and on the other page you can see the variety in consumer expression. On one page there is a well thought out Social Media Campaign and on the other there is complete lack of creativity.

Creating a successful Facebook campaign requires a lot of involvement, patience, and creativity. It requires truthfulness towards the idea of engaging with the consumers. From the moment I landed on the Grohe Facebook fan page to the time I received my gift (Hand-shower), the Grohe campaign has impressed me. The ideation, the communication and moderation on the page, the frequency and language of emails and finally the actual delivery of the promised gift, have all been flawless. Hats off to the team that is managing this campaign.

Since the beginning, for the common man, Internet has made a mark as a Free, Fair and Transparent medium. Even today it works best that way !!